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Save time by taking off from the vicinity of your office or house. Board our helicopter and relax, safe in the knowledge that you are benefiting from the fastest and most efficient means of direct transportation from point A to point B. Overfly congested roads and arrive at your destination in style because nothing impresses more than seeing someone stepping out of a helicopter! Whether on business, for pleasure or simply as a lifestyle statement our helicopters are available 24/7.

Manage your time in order to maximize it and increase the efficiency of your company. Forget about traffic jams, delayed trains, queuing at airports and get straight to your regional office or to a business meeting.

Booking a helicopter charter flight has never been so simple and cost-effective.

We are aware that no two flights are alike, therefore, we listen to the needs and requirements of our Customers, follow an individual approach and come up with a solution guaranteeing high customer satisfaction.
In order to prepare a quotation for any flight, our Operations Center will ask you a few short questions:
- travel date (date, time of departure)
- number of passengers and pieces of luggage
- take-off and landing location

Using the above-mentioned data, our team will be able to provide you with a tailor-made offer for your flight. If you are unsure of the precise take-off/landing location, our Operations Center will be glad to choose the closest location suitable for helicopter operation.

By travelling on board of our helicopters you will not only get to your destination fast and direct but you will be rested and ready for a productive day as well. Wave goodbye to noisy commuters and drivers stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic jams!
Successful business professionals expect reliable, discreet and high-quality services. Our flexible approach guarantees that you will get just that.

Our offer includes:

- air taxi

- helicopter charter

- business flights

- sightseeing flights

- aerial filming/photography

- special offers/flying experiences: flights to health resorts, engagements on board of a helicopter, participation in events and company parties,

Call our hotline + 48 509 260 400  and we will make sure you will catch that flight!